Are you looking for precision plastic machining china supplier?PTJ Machining Has More Than 10 year's Professional Experience In The Precision Machining Plastic Parts And Manufactures Plastic Molding And 3D Printing To Suit All Your Needs.Get Instant Quote:[email protected] .

About China Plastic Machining Shop

Specializing In The Precision Machining Of Special Engineering Plastics.

PTJ Shop, is an enterprise specializing in the precision machining of special engineering plastics.
Mission: Promote and improve the machining and application level of the engineering plastics industry. Focus on the precision machining of various engineering plastic parts, providing customers with cost-effective to high-precision/super-complex All kinds of engineering plastic machining parts.
Provide customers with R&D/design/material selection/experiment to mass production suggestions to help customers create excellence.
Involved business: R&D, design, sales: plastic products, electronic components; R&D, design, production, sales: automation equipment, fixtures, Jig hardware parts machining; self-operated and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies. PTJ Shop was established in 2007, mainly machining and selling customized parts.

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Our Service

Rapid Prototype and production runs. 3, 4 and 5-axis rapid precision plastic CNC machining services including milling, turning, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and wire EDM. CNC turning capabilities such as facing, threading, drilling, boring, reaming and taper turning offered. Capable of CNC milling parts with +/-0.005 mm tolerance.


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Machining Industry

Suitable for functional prototypes, spacers, manifolds, fittings, shafts, bushings and circuit boards etc. Serves the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics industries. On-time delivery.capable of handling parts from 0.5 to 105 in. length, 0.5 to 50 in. width, 0.125 to 35 in. height, 0.002 to 1.5 in. thickness .

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Our Equipments

PTJ’s equipment strength and supply chain is within TOP10 in the comparison of the china cnc machining industry.Advanced machines help us to provide machining processes such as milling, boring, turning, threading, tapping, thread milling, and many others.Please Go Equipment List Page For View Our Equipment.

Equipments List

UPE Machining

PPS Machining

PI Machining

UHMW Machining


PA6 Machining

UNLATE Machining

PVC Machining

ABS Machining


PAI Machining

POM Machining

PC Machining

PEI Machining


PCTFE Machining

PMMA Machining

PTFE Machining

PVDF Machining


PP Machining

PU Machining

Peek Machining

PET Machining