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1. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

PTJ Shop is a professional plastic machining,rapid prototyping, Plastic components,Injection molding manufacturer.

2. What would be provided to you when we need to make a prototype?

3D files(STP/STEP/IGS/IGES/X-T etc.are available for CNC Machining; STL format is OK for 3D Printing/SLA/SLS) and CMF(Color, Material, Finish).

3. What are the materials can SLA/SLS Printing makes for the prototype?

SLA Printing materials are Ordinary Resin, Fake ABS Resin and Transparent Material; SLS Printing materials are Nylon/PA, Nylon plus glass fiber.

4. What industry does our business mainly cover?

Medical, car, home appliance, digital products, electronics industries.

5. How long do you need for making my parts?

We have always been dedicated to providing our clients with a rapid prototyping service. Generally speaking, 3-5 days is OK.

6. Is it possible to get a sample first?

Sure, we could provide sample for your quality checking.

7. How many kinds of surface finish can be the final effect when delivery?

SLA Printing materials are Ordinary Resin, Fake ABS Resin and Transparent Material; SLS Printing materials are Nylon/PA, Nylon plus glass fiber.

8. What is the MOQ of your company?

The MOQ of our company is 1 piece.

9. What is your production process after I placed an order with you?

Firstly, the 3d files and BOM will be given to programming engineers to program the CNC tool path. Secondly, our engineers will take the BOM and tool path list to CNC Machining Center. Thirdly, the prototype will be delivered to post finish center to clear the burrs after CNC Machined. Finally, if you need effects like painting, silk-screen, anodizing, sandblasting, plating, drawbench,laser-etching, etc. we can make it as your requirements.

10. How to ensure the quality?

We have a complete set of advanced inspecting devices to ensure the product with high quality, and we provide a full QC report to customers for approval before shipment.

11.What differentiates PTJ Shop from its competitors?

It all begins with our commitment to our customers’ success. We know our products and processes well, and can often anticipate customer needs and offer preventive suggestions. That translates into very successful business relationships.

12. Why should I choose PTJ Shop as a supplier?

We relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business by supporting continuous improvement strategies, utilizing our core competencies, fostering a culture of trust and teamwork, and using resources responsibly.

13.What percentage of your manufacturing processes is outsourced?

Almost nothing is outsourced! Our capabilities encompass all areas of plastic machining, fabrication, and testing. (Please see Our Equipment list for examples of the services we provide.) Our business plans have ensured redundant capabilities in our two facilities to manage risk and provide reliable service to our customers around the world.

14.Who designs and builds tooling and fixtures used in the manufacturing process?

We do! PTJ Shop engineers and tool room machinists with years of experience make our development team the best in creating and documenting the recipe for successful production of your components. (Ask us about our story!)

15.Is PTJ Shop an environmentally responsible company?

Absolutely! We conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and strive to create a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all of our employees. We recently formed a Green Team to look at methods for reducing energy consumption, raw materials, and usage of natural resources. In addition,PTJ Shop is compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

16.What are hot section components of a gas turbine engine?

Hot section components are those parts starting with the combustion liner that have combustion gases flowing over them until those same gases exit the engine through the tailpipe or mixer.

17.What is the size of your engineering staff, and what is their average length of service with PTJ Shop?

Currently, the PTJ Shop Process Engineering Department includes 25 innovative, hard-working individuals. The average length of service of our engineers is over 10 years, and 30% of the engineers have 15 or more years experience directly related to our processes in the development of plastic components!

18.What kind of accreditation do you have?

PTJ Shop is certified ISO9100 and AS9100. We have NADCAP certifications in Welding, Non-Conventional Machining, Heat Treat, Coatings and Non-Destructive Testing. (See our Certifications to view and download PDF copies of our quality certifications.)

19.If I send a part in to PTJ Shop for repair, how soon can I expect to get it back?

A repair for components that is on our Hot Section Components Licensed Repair list averages 15 days. However, if an exchange is acceptable, our large rotable exchange bank allows us to turn orders in less than 5 days.
If you have a need that is not listed on our current capability list, please contact [email protected]. Our Repair Station engineering staff will contact you to help develop a cost effective repair scheme.

20.What type of materials is most commonly used in PTJ Shop fabrications?

We work with a wide variety of plastic material. PEEK,PI,TEFE and UHMW are examples of plastic used. We also work with various forms of sheet, bar and other.