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Inventory of new trends in auto parts technology

Inventory of new trends in auto parts technology

Achieving the diversification of injector injection models is also the future development trend of manifold injection technology. For example, in the design of the bending angle of the spray cone, engine developers can flexibly adjust the shape of the injector spray cone to make it compatible with the The geometry of the airway is compatible to avoid wall wetness, thereby controlling hydrocarbon emissions.

The Injector Active Safety TRW manufactured by Continental has integrated active safety technology. TRW, which has been committed to active safety systems, brought a series of active safety technologies at CES, including traffic jam assist, highway automatic driving, emergency steering assist, and pedestrians. Protection, etc., and these functions are based on the support of cameras and radar sensors.

The S-Cam 3 camera can cooperate with the ACC function at high speed, adding some monitoring functions. The S-Cam 4 camera includes a three-lens camera with a telephoto lens and a fisheye lens to enhance the long-distance and long-distance respectively The monitoring function is mainly used in the traffic jam assist system and the highway automatic driving system. SDE (SafetyDomainECU, Safety Domain ECU) is developed by TRW based on the AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) open source system. It integrates the control functions of the vehicle chassis, suspension and ADAS. The second generation was exhibited at CES this year. The product, according to TRW, will play a role in semi-autonomous driving and V2V communication.

TRW integrated active safety system automotive electronics Infineon launches miniaturized intelligent motor control system At the Electronica trade show held at the end of last year, Infineon launched an embedded power series bridge driver based on the ARMR core to cope with intelligent motor control. A growing trend in a wide range of automotive applications.

Infineon uses the ARMRCortexTM-M3 processor to integrate high-performance microcontrollers on a single chip, and the embedded power series achieves 32-bit performance for applications usually associated with 16-bit. The samples of the first batch of products in the embedded power series currently provided are suitable for products using three-phase brushless DC motors and two-phase DC motors.

Miniaturization has become the development trend of intelligent motor control systems in the future. This time, the control system introduced by Infineon provides a standard QFN package with a size of 7mm×7mm. Previous multi-chip designs required independent microcontrollers, bridge drivers, and local interconnect network transceivers, while the latest motor control designs only require minimal external components, allowing component companies and vehicle companies to benefit from it.

The newly launched embedded power products have reduced the number of components from about 150 to less than 30, integrating all motor control functions and related external components in only 3cm2 of PCB space. Therefore, the embedded power series brings the electronic integration of the motor closer to the true mechatronics design.

Infineon said that smart motor control applications require a variety of complex motor control solutions that are affected by energy efficiency, system cost reduction, and comfort requirements. By using the ARM RCortexTM-M3 processor, a new automotive grade controlled by smart motors is used. High-quality embedded power series to solve these design problems. Scalable embedded power series help automotive system suppliers benefit from lower system costs, higher reliability and lower system complexity.

Infineon’s Embedded Power Series Chip Automotive Machining Interconnection Panasonic promotes in-car interconnection systems. At the annual CES exhibition, new products and new technologies related to automobiles occupy a large proportion, including in-vehicle interconnection systems, unmanned driving and other fields. It is said that the CES show is more like the “Las Vegas Auto Show.” At this year’s CES show, Panasonic provided a brand-new in-vehicle interconnection system for Ford, Tesla and other vehicle companies.

At present, the in-vehicle interconnection system on some models is difficult for consumers to be interested in using it. The problems of cumbersome operation and slow response also limit the promotion of in-vehicle interconnection systems.