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Research and Analysis of the Recent Development of the Electronic Accessories Market

Research and Analysis of the Recent Development of the Electronic Accessories Market

In recent years, the sales of smart terminals have achieved rapid growth, but experts suggest that this growth rate will gradually slow down. The glorious thing is that the electronic accessories market, which is dominated by smart terminals, has gradually gained momentum, continuing the prosperous scene of the electronic market.

Brands and channels, as the two legs of market sales, have always been the focus of electronic product manufacturers. Offline channels are not without opportunities. Entering large shopping malls and offline stores that emphasize experience will become the main battlefield for high-end brand electronic products.

Electronic product brand

Ten-year cycle of domestic brands, innovation and upgrading.

The market share of electronic products in my country has increased this year, especially in the smart terminal market.

At present, domestic brands have entered the high-end smartphone market. Relevant data shows that in the first half of 2013, domestic brand smartphone sales reached 130 million units, an increase of 115% over the same period of the previous year, accounting for more than 60% of the domestic smartphone market. In the process of the mobile phone industry’s transformation and upgrading from feature phones to smart phones, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have seized the opportunity to quickly rise. Domestic brands represented by “China Cool Alliance” have now ranked among the top ten in global sales. The market has won the right to speak.

However, compared with leading international brands, domestic brands still have gaps in core technologies, innovative talents, and profit margins. At present, in the offline tablet market, Apple and Samsung have always occupied more than 60% of the market share. According to the reporter’s understanding, the current price of Samsung mobile phones is getting closer and closer to the 800 yuan-1,000 yuan price range, while the Apple IPAD price is set at more than two thousand. Therefore, Samsung and Apple’s price positioning for smart phones and tablets It is like putting a hat on the industry. If you want to be priced higher than these two products, you need to develop breakthrough innovative products. Competition in the global mobile phone market will remain fierce.

Electronic Accessories

The market growth has accelerated, and the brand effect has gradually emerged.

Since 2009, shipments of smartphones have shown rapid growth, with an amazing growth rate. But this amazing increase will not last for a long time. GFK Market Consulting (GFK) speculates that next year’s smartphone shipments will return to more reasonable data and enter a growth rate of less than 20%.

The growth rate of smart phones has slowed, but the market for smart accessories has gradually improved. The Global Capital Shenzhen Electronics Show, which is the vane of the electronic market, was held in Shenzhen on the 27th of this month. The summit can be regarded as a mobile phone, tablet and other mobile peripheral product conference. Most of the products are made around smart phones, such as mobile phone cases, leather cases, etc., of course, there are also many quite unique electronic products. At the same time, the 2013 China Consumer Electronics Channel Summit was also held in Shenzhen on February 26. This reporter took the opportunity to interview all industry professionals who are optimistic about the accessories market.

Li Xiaoning, general manager of Gome Accessories Company, said that most of the accessories were originally given as electrical accessories in electronic product stores. However, accessories are being used as fast-spending items and become products that customers purchase separately. Xiao Yuan, Director of Leyu China, said that the sales of Leyu China’s accessories have been doubling every year since last year. Chen Yonghe, president of the Far East Region of Brooks East in the United States, also stated that in the US electronic supermarket chains, the sales of electronic accessories account for more than 30% of the total sales of electronic products, while the electronic accessories market in China has not exceeded 10% of the sales of electronic products. %, so there is still a lot of potential.

Although the potential of electronic accessories in the Chinese market is huge, the road to branding is difficult and long. In the words of Ren Lifeng, Vice President of China’s Domestic Trade Development Department of Global Capital, “China’s accessories industry has no brands yet, only brands.”

Yue Fanen, general manager of Shenzhen Juxincheng Technology Co., Ltd., is worrying about the promotion of his company’s recently launched Hidden Sound Microphone. Its products have high noise reduction and long standby time, which are very advantageous, but without good planning, they will give this advantage. Fu Zhidongliu. If a product is branded, it needs accurate positioning, plus channel cooperation, and walking on both ends. Not only must the thinking be clear, but the response must also be fast. The shelf life of electronic products is usually only three months. If the opportunity is delayed, imitators will be numerous. Come.

Electronic product channels

In the context of electronic product morality becoming better, shop-in-shop in large shopping malls is the development trend of offline channels.

The online retail market is experiencing rapid growth, and retail e-commerce is centralized and highly differentiated from offline. In the price war, mid-to-high-end consumer groups have not been excluded, and e-commerce has established a firm foothold in mature markets. GFK data shows that online channels have accounted for 30% of the national retail sales of tablet products, and offline retail channels dominated by computers for IT products are shrinking, especially in PC retail stores in coastal IT core areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. , While this situation occurs only in some areas of important cities in the northeast, central and western regions.

The rise of online channels and the sharp decline of offline channels are indeed now. Many people are not optimistic about the development of offline stores. Some analysts believe that 20%-30% of stores will be closed in the future. However, many industry professionals issued different opinions and supported offline channels to varying degrees.

Wang Richun, chairman of Meicheng Group, told a reporter from China Electronics News that we cannot simply compare online channels with offline channels. China’s current online channels are a freak, and content is based on price wars to occupy the market. Xiao Yuan, director of Leyu China, also said that the online price war model is not sustainable, and the country needs to be regulated by taxation and other policies. If online products are strictly taxed in accordance with the standards of offline products, the price of products can be adjusted. Convergence and avoid price competition in electronic online and offline channels.

Industry experts all over believe that don’t ignore offline spending, there are still opportunities for physical store exhibitions. Wang Richun exaggerated that there are still some impulsive spending by customers and the spending needs of application fragmented time. Chen Yonghe also expressed a similar view: Based on my many years of experience, businesses should never ignore a basic law, that is, the source of human motivation. One is what I need and the other is what I want. If I have a pain in my neck while waiting for a long-haul flight, I will definitely want a pillow on my neck. When I just want a brand-name handbag, I might buy this bag if I save money. The Japanese are an obvious example.