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Dimensional control skills for stainless steel parts processing

Modify tool offset value to ensure dimensional accuracy   According to stainless steel parts machining manufacturers, when the workpiece error exceeds the workpiece tolerance due to the first tool setting error or other reasons, and the processing requirements cannot be met, the workpiece can be modified to achieve the required size by modifying the tool compensation. The method to ensure the radial size is as follows:

Knowledge of aluminum processing technology

Aluminum is the most widely used and widely used metal material among non-ferrous metals, and its application range is still expanding. There are many kinds of aluminum products produced using aluminum, and there are more than 700,000 types according to statistics. Various industries such as construction and decoration, transportation, and aerospace have different needs. Today I will introduce to you the processing technology of stand casting and how to avoid processing deformation.

Key points of plastic product structure design

The whole process of a product from research and development to the market needs to go through many links, among which the product structure design is an important part. In terms of product structure, the product must be manufactured and mass-produced with a mold for the product, and a plastic mold for plastic parts. Therefore, a product structure design engineer must not only be familiar with the structure of plastic parts, but also have a certain understanding of plastic molds. Today I will share with you 14 key points of plastic product structure design~


Plastic molds are tools used with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry, and can provide complete structural configurations and precise dimensions for plastic products. According to different molding methods, plastic molds can be divided into the following three types. 1.Injection mold Injection molds are often used to produce thermoplastic parts, and the corresponding processing equipment is injection molding machines.


Mold material selection is a very important link in the entire mold making process. Mold material selection needs to meet three principles: The mold meets the work requirements of wear resistance, strength and toughness; The mold meets the process requirements; At the same time, the mold should meet the requirements of economic applicability. The mold meets the requirements of working conditions


The plastic injection mold production process is generally divided into: customer customization, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold inspection and testing, mold modification and repair, mold maintenance, and I will explain them one by one below. Customer Customization In the production of plastic molds, customer engineers first provide product drawings to the mold manufacturer. The manufacturer collects, analyzes, and digests product data through the task requirements of molded plastic production, which is customized for customers.

CNC machining and 3D printing are both processing technologies that have received much attention in recent years. CNC is subtractive manufacturing and 3D printing is additive manufacturing. Although these two processing technologies are very different at the production level, they are both used in production. Before the product model is used for verification, how should companies choose between the two mature model production processes, 3D printing and CNC processing, if they want to make prototypes? 3D printing can process multiple parts at one time, directly import 3D data maps, and generate data through calculations. Computer data can be directly transmitted to the machine for printing. During this period, no personnel is required to operate, only the operating room is constant temperature and humidity throughout the day. Read more