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Advantages Of 3D Printing Technology In China

Advantages Of 3D Printing Technology In China

Advantages Of 3D Printing Technology In China

As the world’s factory, China naturally has advantages that other countries do not have, such as domestic 3D metal printing technology, so how good is China 3D printing Service? Its importance is not lost to the lithography machine. The United States has requested three times but was rejected? It turns out that China’s 3D metal printing technology leads the world, and its importance is not lost to the lithography machine. No wonder foreign countries can’t buy it with a lot of money. It is useful to circle it. 3D metal printing is a basic discipline used in physics, engineering and technical science , Scientific instruments in the field of mechanical engineering.

In the field of mechanical processing, China started relatively late. In the industry, there is a term called standardization, that is, the components of industrial products are produced by the same process, which requires the use of machine tool technology, and the start time of Chinese machine tools is relatively Late, even in the 1980s, the domestic standardization process was not yet mature, and even two industrial products with the same model appeared, and their components could not be universal. Going to the world later will undoubtedly need to face huge challenges.

After coming into contact with the Western standardized manufacturing process, I also realized the advanced nature of foreign machine tools. Since then, China has vigorously developed advanced machine tool processing technology, especially after entering the new century, China cnc machining tool technology has achieved rapid progress. However, compared with the world’s top precision machining machine tools, China still maintains a certain gap with foreign countries. At the same time, a brand-new machining technology in the world is also quietly emerging. It is 3D metal printing technology. , the most obvious advantage of this technology is that it can subvert traditional manufacturing.

In the previous machining, a complete blank was generally used, which was continuously formed by laser cutting and grinding of the machine tool. If it is faced with parts with complex structures, it will be difficult for ordinary machine tools to process. It must be cut into parts first, and then the welding process is used. Assembling, and 3D printing technology is different. It can shape parts layer by layer like building blocks. No matter how complex parts are, they can be manufactured with 3D printing technology, so it is more important than a lithography machine. Not too much.

Although Western countries and China are almost at the same starting line in terms of 3D metal printing technology, it is obvious that foreign countries have not fully realized the importance of this technology, so China is the only country that vigorously develops 3D printing. Now 3d print service china leads the world, naturally It also makes many Western countries jealous, and they don’t hesitate to spend huge sums of money to introduce them. But just as the West used lithography machines to block China, China will naturally not allow the West to easily succeed in 3D metal printing technology and want to achieve technological breakthroughs. , then only rely on these countries themselves.

Using 3D metal printing technology can bring a lot of convenience to human beings. In the past, in the impression of many people, the production of parts and components must be done in factories. For example, when many 4S shops repair vehicles, they must wait for the manufacturer to supply them. It takes a long time for the damaged parts to be replaced. With mjf 3D printing technology, it is only necessary to input the parameters of the parts to realize the rapid printing and production of the equipment, and to complete the maintenance work anytime and anywhere. It seems that this is the power of technology.