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The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the “Guidelines for the Best Available Techniques for Electroplating Pollution Prevention and Control (Trial)”, which provides technical basis and guidance for the industry to improve its technological level, carry out pollution control and related environmental supervision. The technical guide first analyzes the treatment technology of process pollution prevention, wastewater treatment, spray tower electroplating waste gas, dust removal, wastewater sludge treatment and disposal, and points out the advantages and disadvantages of various main treatment technologies and their scope of application. On this basis, various best available technology combinations were put forward, and its process parameters, pollutant reduction and emission, economic applicability, etc. were clarified around the technology, and as many as 44 technical application considerations were also proposed, which has strong Guidance. The pollution produced by the electroplating process includes water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution and noise pollution, including water pollution (mainly Read more

As one of the four basic manufacturing processes, electroplating is widely used in various industries, such as high-end electronics, aviation, aerospace, energy, nuclear industry, low-end daily hardware, auto parts, stationery products, etc. Replaced service industries. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009, the number of electroplating enterprises (enterprises above designated size) in my country totaled 15,000, with more than 5,000 production lines and a production capacity of 250 to 300 million square meters of electroplating area. In recent years, with the remediation of heavily polluting enterprises by local governments, the number of electroplating enterprises has been on a decreasing trend. In 2008, the Ministry of Environmental Protection promulgated the “Emission Standards for Electroplating Pollutants” (GB21900-2008). The promulgation of the standards provides a basis for the management of key industries and key pollution sources. What problems does the new emission standard encounter? Need to find a balance between compliance with investment and Read more

In terms of the total amount of electroplating wastewater, such as papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemicals, pesticides, etc., the amount of water is small, and the pollution surface is narrow. However, due to the wide distribution of electroplating plants, there are many types of highly toxic substances in the wastewater, which is very harmful. Untreated electroplating wastewater discharges into rivers and ponds and seeps into the ground, which will not only harm the environment, but also pollute drinking water and industrial water. Electroplating wastewater contains heavy metal ions such as chromium, zinc, copper, cadmium, lead, and nickel, as well as highly toxic impurities such as acid and alkali cyanide. Some are also highly toxic substances that cause cancer and distortion. Therefore, they must be dealt with carefully to avoid harm to people. (1) Typical process flow (2) Principle of heavy metal removal Generally, heavy metal ion removers can be used Read more

In recent years, the sales of smart terminals have achieved rapid growth, but experts suggest that this growth rate will gradually slow down. The glorious thing is that the electronic accessories market, which is dominated by smart terminals, has gradually gained momentum, continuing the prosperous scene of the electronic market. Brands and channels, as the two legs of market sales, have always been the focus of electronic product manufacturers. Offline channels are not without opportunities. Entering large shopping malls and offline stores that emphasize experience will become the main battlefield for high-end brand electronic products. Electronic product brand Ten-year cycle of domestic brands, innovation and upgrading. The market share of electronic products in my country has increased this year, especially in the smart terminal market. At present, domestic brands have entered the high-end smartphone market. Relevant data shows that in the first half of 2013, domestic brand smartphone sales reached Read more

The mold manufacturing industry occupies a special position in the product manufacturing system, and its development level determines the overall level of the manufacturing industry. my country’s mold industry started late, and there is still a lot of work to be done if it wants to catch up with the pace of the international mold industry. Improving yourself is the first step. 1. Creativity and innovation for development Creativity and innovation are the eternal theme of an enterprise, and innovation is the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. Luo Baihui, head of the International Mould and Metal Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said that companies in the metal and plastic industries across the country will carry out design innovation activities under the guidance of the association. The association will continue to guide enterprises to use scientific and technological progress and innovation as the support for the transformation of Read more

Achieving the diversification of injector injection models is also the future development trend of manifold injection technology. For example, in the design of the bending angle of the spray cone, engine developers can flexibly adjust the shape of the injector spray cone to make it compatible with the The geometry of the airway is compatible to avoid wall wetness, thereby controlling hydrocarbon emissions. The Injector Active Safety TRW manufactured by Continental has integrated active safety technology. TRW, which has been committed to active safety systems, brought a series of active safety technologies at CES, including traffic jam assist, highway automatic driving, emergency steering assist, and pedestrians. Protection, etc., and these functions are based on the support of cameras and radar sensors. The S-Cam 3 camera can cooperate with the ACC function at high speed, adding some monitoring functions. The S-Cam 4 camera includes a three-lens camera with a telephoto lens Read more

Dongguan plastic mold mold opening plastic molds are mainly classified; according to different molding methods, plastic processing mold types corresponding to different process requirements can be divided. Dongguan plastic mold opening molds mainly include injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, and blister molding molds. High-expansion polystyrene molding molds, etc. 1. Plastic injection (plastic) mold It is mainly a molding mold that is most commonly used in the production of thermoplastic products. The corresponding processing equipment for plastic injection molds is a plastic injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the heating cylinder at the bottom of the injection machine, and then melted in the screw of the injection machine. Or driven by the plunger, it enters the mold cavity through the nozzle of the injection machine and the pouring system of the mold, the plastic is cooled and hardened to form, and the product is demolded. Read more

Dimensional control skills for stainless steel parts processing

Modify tool offset value to ensure dimensional accuracy   According to stainless steel parts machining manufacturers, when the workpiece error exceeds the workpiece tolerance due to the first tool setting error or other reasons, and the processing requirements cannot be met, the workpiece can be modified to achieve the required size by modifying the tool compensation. The method to ensure the radial size is as follows: