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Advanced laser technology a weapon to improve the level of automobile manufacturing

Advanced laser technology a weapon to improve the level of automobile manufacturing

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is continuously promoting the upgrading and innovation of the automobile manufacturing industry, and its application in automobile processing has become more and more extensive. Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, laser technology has many advantages such as non-contact processing, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation and strong adaptability. It is used in the fields of cutting, welding, marking and surface treatment. Shine. This article focuses on the rapid development of diversified automotive varieties and the rapid transformation of automotive sheet demand from large-scale to customized production. It focuses on the current status and trends of automotive sheet laser high-speed blanking, body-in-white laser online welding, and automotive parts welding in automotive applications. .


High-speed laser cutting and blanking of automotive plates


As we all know, the core development trends of laser cutting in the future mainly include high precision, high speed, high power, large thickness, wide format, and three-dimensional cutting and special material cutting. At present, in the field of laser cutting, fiber laser cutting has highlighted a series of advantages: the power continues to increase, the thickness of the processed sheet continues to increase, and the cutting speed is getting faster and faster (up to 100m/min), which not only greatly shortens the production preparation cycle , At the same time, the workshop has realized a high degree of flexibility, and the processing area has been reduced by half. Compared with traditional machining methods, the cost of laser processing is reduced by 50%.



Nowadays, the demand for the amount of automotive panels is becoming stronger and stronger, and the rapid development of the automotive industry has also put forward demands for more and more professional automotive panel blanking production lines. The demand for automotive panels must be transformed from large-scale to customized production. Among them, the key is the need to use chinese laser cutting to process automotive panels.



If the existing mechanical processing method is adopted, the price of a single piece of equipment is about 70 million yuan, the cost of mold opening for a single set of molds is about 2.2 million yuan, and the mechanical mold opening time is about 1-2 months. At the same time, the design is facing challenges: complex shapes are difficult to blank and form.



With the continuous development of high-performance optical fiber technology, it has continuously promoted the advent of new automotive sheet blanking production lines.



Body-in-white online welding


The welding of automobile body-in-white is regarded as an important link in the automobile production process. The welding quality of the body-in-white is directly related to the quality and service life of the entire vehicle. Because china laser cutting service has the advantages of non-contact processing, high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, high welding speed, easy automatic control, no subsequent processing, etc., compared with traditional welding methods, the use of body-in-white laser welding is greatly improved Improve the efficiency of automobile manufacturing and reduce its production costs.



Feiyue Laser Factory has jointly developed a series of tailored welding systems for automotive panels with Shenlong Automobile and other strategic partners. For example, the welding system for the top of automotive panels can complete the welding of 1.4 meters in length in 13 seconds; when different models When carrying out flexible mixed-flow production, the auto-switching time of production line models is less than 40 seconds. Another example: the production line for car body welding and forming, which consists of 2 car body floor fixtures, 1 car body transmission system, 1 car body lifting device, 8 spot welding robots, 16 robot gripper net frame fixtures, and 16 positioning and locking devices And other elements. In addition, the top cover laser welding production line consists of two robot units, fiber lasers, wire feeders, welding heads, laser protection rooms and floor fixtures. There is a quick-change device between the top cover fixture and the robot, which can quickly realize multi-model tooling switching.



From the perspective of welding process research, the following aspects are areas that need to continue to increase research and development efforts: stability control of the welding process, weld defect control, weld shape and organization control, complex structure welding process control and new laser cutting technology.



Laser welding of auto parts


In addition to body-in-white welding and tailor-made welding of automotive panels, laser welding is also very useful in the processing of automotive parts. Undoubtedly, laser welding technology has now become one of the most advanced automobile manufacturing processes. In developed industrial countries in the West, more than 60% of auto parts are processed by laser welding technology, such as airbags and car seat adjustments. Laser technology can be found in the manufacturing process of various auto parts such as angle gears, seat slides, trunks, gears and transmissions. At the same time, laser welding has demonstrated advantages in helping auto parts achieve efficiency, safety, strength, environmental protection, and flexible processing. The use of laser welding technology can greatly improve the overall performance of auto parts, thereby further improving the quality of the vehicle.



A semiconductor laser brazing of automotive containers. The laser light source power used is 1-3kW; the beam quality is 100-150 mm mrad; the spot size is 1 to 2.5 mm, 1.5 x 1.5 or 2 x 6 mm2. Nickel-based welding wire (CuSi3) is selected for the filler solder. Suitable materials for this welding process include steel plates and galvanized steel plates that require high weld quality.


Another example is that as one of the important parts of a car, the airbag refers to a device that inflates the airbag to protect the occupant before the occupant has a secondary collision during a collision. The explosion of the airbag is controlled by a key internal component—a gas generator. During the explosion, an oxidation reaction occurs, generating a large amount of gas and generating an explosion. In view of this, the tightness requirements of the airbag liner are very high, and it is necessary to avoid overheating during the processing of the liner to make the laser welding process stand out. In this field, Feiyue Laser can provide suitable welding technology. Its core advantages include large weld penetration depth, which can reach 2-3mm, high welding strength and small welding distortion; high welding automation and welding accuracy; and laser welding The airbag is a non-contact processing without welding auxiliary tools; in addition, laser welding does not require welding rods or fillers, thereby creating a weld without impurities and pollution.