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CNC machining precautions pay attention to safety details

CNC machining precautions pay attention to safety details

In the process of precision cnc machining, every job is a problem that needs attention, especially in the case of precision CNC machining, the details of the processing process are very important. Only in this way can we get good practical results under the working conditions. So what details should be paid attention to in precision CNC machining?

1. Before machining precision CNC parts, check whether a part of the machine is filled with lubricating oil before working, then start and check whether the clutch and braking system are all normal, and run the machine idling for 1-3 minutes. When the machine has common failures Prohibit actual operation.

2. Maintain the correct posture during work, and have sufficient mental substance to cope with the work. If CNC machining is found to be uncomfortable, you need to leave the post immediately and show it to the leading cadres. During the actual operation, the concept must be centralized, chatting is forbidden, and mutual cooperation is prohibited. Operators must not actually operate under the condition of upset and exhaustion to prevent safety accidents and ensure operational safety.

3. When disassembling and replacing precision parts, first cut off the power. After the high-speed punch motion unit stops running, you can just start to install and adjust the mold. After installation and adjustment, move the flywheel of the water pump to test for 2 times to check whether the left and right molds are symmetrical and effective, whether the screws are firm, and whether the edging ring is on an effective position.

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